Nine must-watch K-dramas to look forward to in April 2022

Including ‘Tomorrow’ starring Rowoon and ‘Monstrous’ from the mind of ‘Train To Busan’ director Yeon Sang-ho

K-dramas continue to take the world by storm, and the surge doesn’t seem to be letting up as we step into the second quarter of 2022. While the first three months of the year served up a bevvy of future classics, such as Twenty Five Twenty One and Pachinko, April looks set to shake things up with nine very varied and intriguing shows, from the omnibus-styled Our Blues to the comedy-mystery-thriller The Killer’s Shopping List.

For those into melodramatics, don’t worry, because the K-drama world has always got you covered. Looking for something with glitz and glamour? Keep your eyes peeled for Shooting Stars, set in the world of celebrities and those who work hard to keep their careers going. And maybe for something closer to home, there’s Green Mothers’ Club, which focuses on the lives of five mothers in a small Seoul neighbourhood.

April will also play host to a brand-new original work called Monstrous from none other than Yeon Sang-ho, the director of hits like Train To Busan and Hellbound. Not to mention the long-awaited premiere of Tomorrow, which had originally been planned for release in March.


Without further ado, here are the nine new must-watch K-dramas to check out in April 2022.

Again My Life

While investigating a corrupt politician, rising prosecutor Kim Hee-woo (Lee Joon-gi) gets mysteriously killed by an unknown assailant. However, Kim unexpectedly gets a second chance to do things right when he is brought back to life.

Again My Life is based on a web novel of the same name by Lee Hae-Nal. The series also stars Kim Ji-eun as Kim Hee-ah, the genius daughter of a conglomerate family, and Jung Sang-hoon as Lee Min-soo, Kim’s close friend and trusted ally.

Again My Life will air every Friday and Saturday night on SBS starting from April, and will also be available to stream on Viu in select regions.

Green Mothers’ Club

Starring Lee Yo-won (The Running Mates: Human Rights), Chu Ja-hyun (My Unfamiliar Family), Kim Kyu-ri (Designated Survivor: 60 Days), Jang Hye-jin (The Red Sleeve) and Joo Min-kyung (Jirisan), the upcoming series will focus on the friendship between five mothers living in the same neighbourhood.


The mothers, each with vastly different personalities and outlooks on life, come together through the neighbourhood association of their childrens’ elementary school. Through their shared experience of motherhood, they learn about the meaning of friendship.

Green Mothers’ Club will air every Wednesday and Thursday night on JTBC starting from April 6, and will also be available to stream on Netflix.

Love All Play

Set in the world of competitive badminton, Love All Play follows and chronicles the (romantic) lives of a mixed doubles pairing and their team of fellow players.

It’s led by Nevertheless star Chae Jong-Hyeop, who plays Park Tae-joon, a young man who reignites his love for the sport in order to impress a romantic interest. Starring opposite him is Park Ju-hyun as Park Tae-yang, an aspiring Olympian who had to bow out from badminton after a bribing controversy.

Love All Play will air every Wednesday and Thursday night on KBS2 starting from April 20.


Monstrous, penned by Train To Busan and Hellbound director Yeon Sang-ho tells the tale of the village of Jinyang County, whose people are lured in by a curse from a mysterious entity, subsequently getting swept up by disaster after uncovering the possessed statue.

It stars Koo Kyo-hwan (D.P.) as eccentric archaeologist Jung Ki-hoon, who specialises in researching supernatural phenomena and runs an occult YouTube channel. Meanwhile, Shin Hyun-bin of Hospital Playlist fame portrays cryptanalyst Lee Soo-jin, who returns to Jinyang County after losing her only daughter.

A new episode of Monstrous will be available every Friday on TVING starting from April 29.

My Liberation Notes

D.P. star Son Seok-koo, Arthdal Chronicles actress Kim Ji-won, Lee El from the 2017 fantasy-thriller Black and Lee Min-ki of The Beauty Inside star in this new K-drama from award-winning screenwriter Park Hae-young of My Mister fame.

The series follows three siblings – played by Ji-won, El and Min-ki – who want to escape their dead-end lives and how their worlds are changed with the arrival of a mysterious stranger named Mr. Gu (Son) from out of town.

My Liberation Notes will air every Saturday and Sunday night on JTBC starting from April 9, and will also be available to stream on Netflix.

Our Blues

This unique omnibus-style K-drama series tells the life stories of its characters, all of whom hail from Jeju Island in South Korea. Our Blues slowly unfolds with independent episodes that each focus on one of the main characters on the island, with occasional appearances from the other characters.

The K-drama features a star-studded line-up of actors, including Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Han Ji-min, Kim Woo-bin, Cha Seung-won and Uhm Jung-hwa. Our Blues is also notably written by Noh Hee-kyung, who has been behind several critically acclaimed drama series such as That Winter, The Wind Blows and Dear My Friends and more.

Our Blues will air every Saturday and Sunday night on tvN starting from April 9, and will also be available to stream on Netflix.

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars places a spotlight on those who toil behind the scenes in the entertainment industry – specifically those who work in public relations, propping up and supporting the celebrities. The K-drama stars Dr. Romantic 2’s Lee Sung-kyung as Oh Han-byul, the head of a PR team who has a love-hate relationship with A-lister Gong Tae-sung (Kim Young-dae), whom she manages.

The series will also feature a sprawling cast of supporting characters, including Yoon Jong-hoon (The Penthouse), Kim Yoon-hye (Vincenzo), CNBLUE’s Lee Jung-shin, Park So-jin (The King: Eternal Monarch) and more. Notably, the show is produced by Studio Dragon, the company behind hits like Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha and Twenty Five Twenty One.

Shooting Stars will air every Friday and Saturday night on tvN starting from April 22, and will also be available to stream on iQiyi in select regions.

The Killer’s Shopping List

Based on a novel penned by writer Kang Ji-young, The Killer’s Shopping List is a comedy-mystery-thriller set against the backdrop of a seemingly ordinary neighbourhood in Seoul, South Korea. The story kicks off when a body is discovered in the vicinity of a particular apartment building, and a supermarket receipt becomes a key piece of evidence in the police’s pursuit of the murderer.

Lee Kwang-soo stars as cashier Ahn Dae-sung, the supermarket owner’s son. He was once revered as a genius due to his exceptional memorisation skills, however, his life went downhill following an incident that occurred in the supermarket when he was 10. AOA member Seolhyun stars opposite Lee as Do Ah-hee, a passionate police officer and Dae-sung’s longtime girlfriend.

The Killer’s Shopping List will air every Wednesday and Thursday night on tvN starting from April 27, and will also be available to stream on iQiyi in select regions.


Based on a popular webtoon series of the same name, Tomorrow follows the story of Choi Joon-woong (played by SF9’s Rowoon), who meets two angels of death – Goo Ryun (Kim Hee-sun of Alice) and Kim Ryoong-goo (Yoon Ji-on of Jirisan) – on one fateful night.

The pair then recruit Joon-woong to join their crisis management team as they work to save suicidal people. Tomorrow is directed by filmmaker Kim Tae-yoon (Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP) and Sung Chi-wook, who also previously co-directed the 2020 fantasy series Kairos.

Tomorrow will air every Friday and Saturday night on MBC starting from April 1, and will also be available on Netflix.