Watch mxmtoon play ‘Bon Iver’ and ‘Almost Home’ for NME Home Sessions

The Bay Area YouTube sensation-turned-pop star turns to her trusty ukulele for this special performance

Like Billie Eilish, mxmtoon loves a ukulele. The Bay Area, California artist AKA Maia elected to play her debut NME Home Sessions performance using the hallowed four-stringed instrument. It’s a wise choice: her uke-led renditions of ‘Bon Iver’ (no relation to the artist of the same name, she’s keen to point out) and ‘Almost Home’ make for a soothing and stripped-back listen.

“‘Almost Home’ is one of my favourite tracks that I’ve ever released,” Maia explains of the ‘Dawn’ song during her performance, which you can watch in full above. “It makes me think of my childhood and feel really nostalgic.

“I think that because the world is in so much chaos right now, it’s nice to be able to have the songs that feel like they’re homey, comfortable and safe — and that’s that song for me.”


If you’re in need of a bit of musical balm to help soothe you during these weird and troubling times, then look no further than mxmtoon’s NME Home Sessions performance — check it out in full above.

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