Watch Samia perform ‘Stellate’ and ‘Triptych’ for NME Home Sessions

New York City indie-rock star Samia delivers stripped-back takes on two tracks from her 2020 debut album ‘The Baby’

For the latest edition of NME’s Home Sessions, we’re joined by New York City indie-rock star Samia for a pair of live performances of her tracks ‘Stellate’ and ‘Triptych’.

Both songs feature on her 2020 debut album ‘The Baby’, an incredible first record that explores the existential angst of young adulthood. For ‘Stellate’, Samia turns out the lights in her studio to create a spellbindingly atmospheric performance as the lyrics try to make sense of old traumas.

Her session concludes with ‘Triptych’, which is performed from a dimly lit leather couch. The track depicts the end of a relationship and trying to make sense of your actions in the aftermath with bruising honesty. The young artist fixes her gaze on the camera during her Home Sessions performance as she shares the song’s emotional story.


You can watch Samia’s full NME Home Sessions performance above now.

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