8 must-watch K-dramas to look forward to in November 2022

Including Netflix’s ‘The Fabulous’ starring SHINee’s Minho, and Song Joong-ki’s small-screen return ‘Reborn Rich’

As we approach the end of the year, expect to see an uptick in darker, more intense K-dramas in November. Disney+ and Netflix are set to release thrilling new originals Revenge of Others and Somebody, which offer perplexing new murder mysteries to binge-watch.

We also get a glimpse into South Korea’s entertainment world with tvN’s upcoming Call My Agent! remake, which follows the lives of celebrity agents, and Please Send A Fan Letter, starring Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung as a top actress. Meanwhile, SHINee’s Minho and Chae Soo-bin tackle the trials and tribulations of working in Seoul’s hectic fashion industry in The Fabulous.

After over a year, Vincenzo star Song Joong-ki is also set to make his small-screen return with webtoon-based fantasy revenge-thriller Reborn Rich, in which he plots to destroy a powerful conglomerate family from within. Other webtoon adaptations Unlock The Boss and the pensive I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything are also slated to premiere in November.


Without further ado, here are eight new must-watch K-dramas to check out in November 2022.

The Fabulous

The Fabulous will follow the friendships, struggles and romance of those working in the competitive South Korean fashion industry. The upcoming series is led by SHINee’s Minho, who stars as a freelance photo editor Ji Woo-min. Despite being skilled at his job, he appears to have little interest in it.

Meanwhile, I’m Not A Robot actress Chae Soo-bin will play Pyo Ji-eun, the public relations manager of a luxury brand whose lifelong dream was to work in the fashion industry. The pair soon develop a romantic relationship, which becomes another new challenge amid their stressful, fast-paced work environment.

The Fabulous will release on November 4 via Netflix.

Call My Agent!

Based on the French comedy series of the same name, Call My Agent! revolves around the celebrity managers working at an entertainment agency led by Tae-oh (Lee Seo-jin). Its employees include good-natured team leader Kim Jung-don (Flower of Evil’s Seo Hyun-woo) and managers Chun Jae-in and So Hyun-joo, played by Hospital Playlist’s Kwak Sun-young and Joo Hyun-young (Extraordinary Attorney Woo) respectively.


The series will also feature a string of celebrity cameos, including Parasite’s Cho Yeo-jeong and Claudia Kim, who will star as themselves. Throughout Call My Agent!, the four agents prove to be skilled at their jobs, deftly avoiding and solving scandals and other issues caused by the agency’s celebrities – but they’re ultimately amateurs at managing their own personal lives.

Call My Agent! premieres November 7 on tvN, and will also be available to stream on Netflix in selected regions.

Revenge of Others

In this teen revenge-thriller, Chan-mi (Shin Ye-eun) plays a high school student grieving the death of her twin brother. Previously part of the school’s shooting team, she begins honing her shooting skills once more, preparing to take her revenge while seeking the truth behind her brother’s death.

In her quest for the truth, Chan-mi crosses paths with Ji Soo-heon (All Of Us Are Dead’s Solomon Park), who exacts vigilante justice on bullies on behalf of their victims. As Chan-mi gets closer to the dangerous truth, the mysterious Soo-heon urges her to turn back before it’s too late.

Revenge of Others arrives on Disney+ on November 9.


Netflix is also set to release a new thriller series, this time starring On Your Wedding Day’s Kim Young-kwang and newcomer Kang Hae-lim. Kang plays a young woman named Sum, a socially awkward developer for social connection app Somebody.

Sum is roped into police investigations after a killer begins using the app to meet and brutally murder victims. At the same time, she meets the mysterious architect Yoon-o (Kim) through the app. Although it is apparent that Yoon-o is harbouring a dark, dangerous secret, Sum eventually forms an intense romantic relationship with him.

Somebody premieres on November 18 via Netflix.

Reborn Rich

Over a year after Vincenzo, Song Joong-ki is back with another revenge drama. In Reborn Rich, he stars as Yoon Hyun-woo, who is betrayed and murdered by Do-joon, the youngest son of the wealthy Sunyang family that he has served all his life. He is later reincarnated in the body of Do-joon, and begins to plot his revenge to take down the family from within.

Adapted from the webtoon The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate, the upcoming series is directed by Jung Dae-yoon (I’m Not A Robot, W: Two Worlds Apart). He is joined by screenwriter Kim Tae-hee, who previously worked on Song’s breakout drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Reborn Rich also stars veteran actor Lee Sung-min, Hospital Playlist’s Shin Hyun-been and Girls’ Generation member Tiffany Young.

Reborn Rich premieres on JTBC on November 18, and will air every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It will also be available to stream on Viu.

Please Send A Fan Letter

In Please Send A Fan Letter, Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung (If You Wish Upon Me) plays top actress Han Kang-hee. Meanwhile Forecasting Love and Weather’s Yoon Park stars as Bang Jung-seok, a single father whose sick daughter wishes to receive a letter from her favourite actress, Han.

Desperate to make his daughter’s wish come true, Jung-seok forges a letter from Han to his daughter. After a huge mix-up, the letter becomes the catalyst for the biggest crisis of Han’s career and leads the actress to cross paths with the father-daughter duo.

Please Send a Fan Letter begins airing on November 26 on MBC TV.

Unlock The Boss

Based on the South Korean webtoon of the same name by Park Seong-hyun, Unlock The Boss is a mystery sci-fi series that follows an unemployed young man, Park In-sung (played by Shooting Stars‘ Chae Jong-hyeop) who picks up a strange smartphone that is able to speak and give him orders.

The device turns out to be possessed by the soul of genius CEO Sun-joo (Park Sung-woong) after his untimely death. Together, In-sung and Sun-joo attempt to find out the truth behind the CEO’s death. Also starring in the series is actress Seo Eun-soo (Missing: The Other Side), who will play Jeong Se-yeon, a robot-like secretary who aids their investigation.

chae jong-hyeop seo eun-soo unlock the boss ena new k-drama cast announcement
L-R: Chae Jong-hyeop, Seo Eun-soo. Credit: YNK Entertainment / A-Man Project

Unlock The Boss premieres November 30 on streaming platform ENA.

I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

Another webtoon adaptation, I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything stars AOA’s Seolhyun as Lee Yeo-reum, who struggles to get through one of the hardest moments of her life when her mother dies shortly after Yeo-reum is dumped by her boyfriend. She decides to move to a small village to escape her hectic life in the city as she deals with her grief.

Upon her arrival at the seaside town of Angok, Yeo-reum meets the introverted but intelligent Ahn Dae-beom (Im Si-wan) who works at the local library. Each struggling with their own tragic histories, the pair begin to find a sense of kinship in one another.

I don't feel like doing anything k-drama
Official poster for ‘I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything’. Credits: ENA

I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything premieres in November via ENA.