Soundtrack Of My Life: Eric André

Punk-rock funnyman, musician and actor; will leave the room if Cher comes on

The first song I remember hearing

Lionel Richie – ‘All Night Long’

“My dad was a big Lionel Richie fan and I remember playing with his records. He was more the music guy in our house than my mum. I was about three years old I think and I would always put this song on his record player. This is before records were ironic.”

The first record I ever bought


Bobby Brown – ‘On Our Own’ (from the Ghostbusters II soundtrack)

“I was about five years old. I got it from the music store in the mall. It went through a few iterations: I think at one time it was called Specs, then it was called Blockbuster Music. The first CD I bought was Weird Al Yankovic‘s ‘The Food Album’, that was later – and then my sister got me John Coltrane‘s ‘A Love Supreme’. I had eclectic taste accidentally. I was a very nerdy and academic kid. Very hyperactive. I had a ton of energy.”

The first gig I went to

Lollapalooza 1996, West Palm Beach, Florida

“I was 13 years old. Rage Against The Machine and the Ramones were playing. I definitely got my glasses broken in the mosh pit. They also had Tibetan monks breaking pipes over their heads. I went with my sister and I don’t think I had drank alcohol yet. I was on three Coca Colas instead.”

The song that reminds me of home


Anything by Sublime

“I loved Sublime when I was in eighth and ninth grade. I grew up in Florida, and whenever short order cooks got off work, they used to play [the 1992 Sublime album] ‘40 Oz. To Freedom’ and smoke shitty, brown weed seeds with stems in it. It’s not necessarily my favourite music now, but it does remind me of home.”

The song I wish I’d written

Project Blowed – ‘Jurassick’

“In the middle of the song, the guy goes ‘Oh my god I’m atheist for christ’s sake!’ [laughs and then hums the opening riff] Mmeeuurgggghhhmah. Mmeeuurgggghhhmah. Mmeeuurgggghhhmah. It’s a deep cut. It came out when I was in college [at Berklee College of Music in Boston]. That was when I discovered a whole new world of music. It was like all the music nerds across America met in Boston. My mind was exploding with all these new discoveries.”

The song I do at karaoke

Seal – ‘Kiss From A Rose’

“This is my go-to. I used to nail it but I think I’m getting worse at it. I did karaoke the other day, brother. It was with a friend in the East Village [in New York]. It was a late night after a few drinks. It wasn’t a long session but it was a good session, about 45 minutes to an hour. ‘Kiss From A Rose’ completely doesn’t fit my aesthetic. That song is so precious and up its own ass. I never really understood who it was for – and why it was always on MTV. It wouldn’t go away. It was like a rash.”

The song I can’t get out of my head

Irma Thomas – ‘Time Is On My Side’

“[Sings in falsetto] ‘TIIIIIIIIIME IS ON MY SIDE. YES IT ISSS’. I just love that song!”

The song I can no longer listen to

Cher – ‘Believe’

“I went to see [the comedian] Fred Armisen live and he asked the crowd, ‘what do you think the worst song of all time is?’ I was just about to say Cher ‘Believe’ and as my lips were about to spit it out, some guy in the audience shouted ‘Cher! ‘Believe’!’. It made me think, ‘if two people think it’s Cher and said it with no hesitation, then many more people must think that.’ It feels very corporately made. There’s nothing at risk. I just feel like a bunch of suits got in a room and put that song together, then brought Cher in, and taught her it. I have to leave the room if it’s playing.”

The song that makes me want to cry

Nina Simone – ‘Do What You Gotta Do’

“It’s a great song. I cry every time. I’m a massive fan of Nina Simone. She was originally a classical pianist. Classical music is fucking brutal. I had to learn a concerto by [19th century composer] Domenico Dragonetti for school. I’ll take a pop song any day. That shit is for the masses. Classical music is for the snobs.”

The song I want played at my funeral

Albert Ayler – ‘Truth Is Marching In’

“I’m so glad that [late Japanese composer] Ryuichi Sakamoto made that funeral playlist. I don’t know if it’s narcissism or something, but I’ve fantasised about my funeral playlist too. John Coltrane made [jazz musician] Albert Ayler play this live at his funeral. I’d play it because I want my soul to ascend to heaven. I want people to laugh and be happy at my funeral.”

Season six of ‘The Eric André Show’ premieres June 4 at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim in the US. All episodes of season six will be available to stream exclusively on Channel 4 from July 3

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