Tom Hanks wins his first Razzie award for ‘Elvis’

The Golden Raspberry Awards are an annual celebration of the very worst in film

Ana de Armas defends Marilyn Monroe depiction in Blonde

The actor said the movie wasn't made to "please people"

‘Blonde’ director addresses “strange” backlash to Marilyn Monroe biopic

"What they really mean is that the film exploited their memory of her"

‘Blonde’ author defends Ana de Armas biopic following ‘exploitation’ controversy

"I think it was/is a brilliant work of cinematic art obviously not for everyone"

‘Blonde’ viewers call JFK scene “insane” and “horrifying”

"andrew dominik you're going to hell."

Ana de Armas defends explicit scenes in ‘Blonde’: “I felt very protected and safe”

"I knew what the movie was doing. I trusted my director"