Babylon's Fall

Here are 2022’s worst games according to Metacritic

'Blade Runner', 'Babylon’s Fall' and 'Postal 4' all feature in the list

PlatinumGames is still interested live service games, despite the failure of ‘Babylon’s Fall’

PlatinumGames CEO Atsushi Inaba said that the developer is “extremely sorry” for the disappointment caused by 'Babylon’s Fall'

‘Babylon’s Fall’ servers to close a week before its first birthday

The poorly-received game is shutting down on February 28

PlatinumGames is working on several unannounced projects

This includes a new IP

‘Babylon’s Fall’ season 2 is being extended

Square Enix wants to re-evaluate the game's future roadmap

‘Babylon’s Fall’ had just one concurrent player on PC earlier this week

The PlatinumGames title released in March

Square Enix is asking fans how it can improve ‘Babylon’s Fall’

The publisher seems to be focussing on the visuals

‘Babylon’s Fall’ is getting a demo later this month

The game will also be getting large-scale updates every three months.