Bayonetta 3

‘Bayonetta’ creator says Nintendo never asked to censor the franchise

"Nintendo isn’t just a giant company with red tape around every corner"

‘Bayonetta 3’ adds “Naive Angel Mode” to cut out nudity

Naive Angel Mode should stop players "having to worry about what's on screen"

‘Bayonetta 3’ finally has a release date

It releases on Nintendo Switch this October

‘Bayonetta 3’ will be “100 times” better for those that played the previous games

Executive director Hideki Kamiya says you should play the first two 'Bayonetta' games as homework

‘Bayonetta 3’ lead game designer joins ‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ studio

A potential hint at Tango Gamework's next project

‘Bayonetta 3’ is being directed by ‘Scalebound”s lead designer

And may use a similar mechanic to Scalebound too