Dead By Daylight

‘Alien’ is finally coming to ‘Dead By Daylight’

You have my sympathies...

‘Dead By Daylight’ may celebrate anniversary with long-awaited ‘Alien’ crossover

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‘Dead By Daylight’ film announced at Blumhouse

James Wan is set to produce

‘Dead By Daylight’ reveals tech-savvy new killer The Skull Merchant

The grisly executive can use drones made from human skulls

‘Dead by Daylight’ gets medieval with new killer The Knight

The newest 'Dead By Daylight' killer can summon three cronies to hunt survivors for him

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‘Dead By Daylight’ should use alternate Pyramid Head says creator

The original Pyramid Head creator thinks 'Dead By Daylight' should feature his alternate version of the monster

‘Dead By Daylight’ dating sim ‘Hooked On You’ gets surprise Steam launch

'Hooked On You' was created because 'Dead By Daylight' fans have a "deep thirst" for murderers

‘Dead By Daylight’ introduces Albert Wesker with ‘Resident Evil’ “sequel”

Project W will introduce three characters from 'Resident Evil' and rework the Raccoon City Police Department map