Diablo Immortal

‘Diablo Immortal’ adds fishing and loads of legendary items

The 1.7.4 update also includes a calendar and a rune reworking

‘Diablo Immortal’ is being investigated for false advertising

The investigation takes issue with an alleged "bait-and-switch" microtransaction

‘Diablo Immortal’ players “insulted” with server bug compensation

Blizzard is encouraging players to reform their clans themselves

Blizzard addresses ‘Diablo Immortal’ purchasing bug

A hotfix has been deployed and affected players’ items will now be delivered

‘Diablo Immortal’ bug is causing randomly reduced XP rewards

The bug reduces XP gained from killing enemies

Blizzard to release new ‘Diablo Immortal’ content every two weeks

The regular content drops will come in the form of either a “mini” or “major” update

‘Diablo Immortal’ player spends £80,000 and loses all access to PvP

The player apparently spent between “48 to 72 hours” queuing for a battlegrounds match

‘Diablo Immortal’ battle pass bug making players miss out on XP

Some players aren't receiving XP despite levelling up in the battle pass

‘Diablo Immortal’ reportedly delayed in China over ‘Winnie The Pooh’ post

A controversial social media post comparing Chinese president Xi Jinping to Winnie The Pooh reportedly caused a month-long delay