Diablo Immortal

Fans criticise new ‘Diablo Immortal’ event for lacklustre rewards

The quality of the event has also received a negative reception

Blizzard president defends controversial ‘Diablo Immortal’ microtransactions

Blizzard wanted to ensure players could "literally do 99.5 per cent of everything in the game" for free

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Players are getting impatient with the game's lack of updates

Bury Tomorrow on the “kinship” between metal and gaming

"Who doesn't love a good bit of metal when they're killing shit?"

‘Diablo Immortal’ has been delayed in China

Blizzard is working on a number of optimisations for the game

‘Diablo Immortal’ streamer spends £13,000 on a gem then deletes the game

Apparently that's the “authentic 'Diablo' experience”

‘Diablo Immortal’ makes £19.6million in the two weeks since launch

The total revenue is split relatively equally between both iOS and Android

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‘Diablo 4’ will let Necromancers customise their armies

Blizzard has shared a deep dive into how the Necromancer will work in 'Diablo 4', revealing a gory class and the return of curses