Diablo Immortal

‘Diablo Immortal’ is franchise’s “biggest launch” despite being Blizzard’s worst-rated game

In one week, 'Diablo Immortal' has become Blizzard's most successful 'Diablo' game and the studio's worst-reviewed title

‘Diablo Immortal’ is Blizzard’s lowest rated game on Metacritic

The game has received criticism for its use of microtransactions

‘Diablo Immortal’ review: devilishly fun before the grind

Enjoy the free journey before the pricey destination

‘Diablo Immortal’ criticised as maximum stats reportedly cost £87,000

Since launch, 'Diablo Immortal' has been criticised by players over excessive microtransactions

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Diablo Immortal releases on June 2

‘Diablo Immortal’ not being released in countries that ban loot boxes

It looks like Blizzard thinks the microtransactions are a vital part of the game that can't possibly be removed

‘Diablo 3’ almost had a ‘League Of Legends’-inspired PvP mode

Senior designer Wyatt Cheng revealed more about the game on its tenth anniversary

‘Diablo Immortal’ launches this June on both PC and mobile

Over 30million people have now pre-registered for the game

‘Diablo Immortal’ release has been delayed to 2022

Controller support is also being worked on for the mobile title