Dota 2

Russian ‘Dota 2’ team disqualified from tournament after drawing pro-war ‘Z’ during match

The disqualified player claimed he drew the letter 'Z' - used to support Russia's invasion of Ukraine - "by accident"

Commonwealth Games Esports Championships’ full lineup announced

The esports pilot will feature three games at the event

Esports will be trialled at the 2022 Commonwealth Games

DOTA 2 is the first game confirmed to be appearing

‘Dota 2’ hits highest peak player count in nearly two years

It's been 20 months since the game performed this well.

‘Dota 2’ Winter Major cancelled by Valve leaving pros unhappy

New Covid strains and travel restrictions caused the cancellation

Steam sets new records of 28million concurrent users

A huge start for the equally huge gaming platform

Some of Steam’s highest grossing games this year were free-to-play

Free-to-play games prove they are rarely free

Valve is updating the ‘Half-Life’ series and other games to run better on Steam Deck

The likes of ‘Dota 2’ and ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ are also getting updated

‘Dota 2’’s next battle pass is coming “in the next few weeks”

“We've got a special conundrum cooking and we can't wait to share it”