Escape From Tarkov

‘Escape From Tarkov’ patch secretly added new quests with big changes

Completing Shooter Born In Heaven is going to be even tougher

‘Escape From Tarkov’ players extracted with 1.6 quadrillion roubles last wipe

Battlestate Games has shared some statistics from life before the reset

‘Escape From Tarkov’ expands Lighthouse map, reworks skills and adds new weapons following wipe

Battlestate Games has shared notes for the upcoming patch

‘Escape From Tarkov’ is killing players in just 7 minutes ahead of wipe

Days before 'Escape From Tarkov' is set to wipe, Battlestate Games has introduced the game's biggest event yet

‘Escape From Tarkov’ EOD edition will stop being sold after launch

The premium version currently offers access to "all subsequent DLC", including 'Escape From Tarkov Arena'

‘Escape From Tarkov’ wipe looks imminent as traders slash their prices

The latest pre-wipe event in 'Escape From Tarkov' means players can pick up powerful loadouts very cheaply

‘Escape From Tarkov’ traders will no longer take cash in latest pre-wipe event

Barter trades are still up, but players will only be able to spend their hard-earned cash at the Flea Market

‘Escape From Tarkov’ floods Customs with every boss ahead of wipe

Along with another chaotic pre-wipe event, Battlestate Games has once again teased a date for the next 'Escape From Tarkov' wipe