Far Cry 5

You can play ‘Far Cry 5’ for free this weekend, starting tomorrow

Players can also save up to 85 per cent off if they want to buy 'Far Cry 5' now

‘Project IGI’ remade in ‘Far Cry 5’ while fans wait for the prequel

IGI Origins was announced earlier in the year, but this might keep you going

Ubisoft removes fan-made ‘Goldeneye’ levels from ‘Far Cry 5’

Fan recreation is taken down by copyright spies

A fan has remade ‘Goldeneye 007’ in the ‘Far Cry 5’ level editor

The project took over 1,400 hours to complete

‘Far Cry 6’ confirms fully playable co-operative mode

Good news - Far Cry 6 will be playable with friends.