Final Fantasy 14

‘Final Fantasy 14′ director apologises for major buffs made to the black mage class

"What should have been minor changes were released as major changes"

‘Final Fantasy 14’ was Square Enix’s best performer of the past year

The MMO's latest 'Endwalker' expansion was "a major contribution" to the publisher's sales

‘Final Fantasy 14’ housing lottery bug has been fixed

Players who were previously unable to claim a house can now do so

‘Final Fantasy 14’ players sent to in-game jail by Square Enix for using mods

Square Enix has previously stated that third-party tools are strictly prohibited in the MMO

‘Final Fantasy 14”s Naoki Yoshida thinks the metaverse isn’t “entertaining”

Yoshida sees the metaverse as a vessel for “entertainment content” though

Naoki Yoshida confirms a fix is on the way for ‘Final Fantasy 14”s housing lottery bug

Square Enix will be conducting maintenance on May 16 to restore housing lottery results

‘Final Fantasy 14’ director reaffirms Island Sanctuary will release in patch 6.2

Island Sanctuary was originally set to release with 'Endwalker'

Naoki Yoshida is already working on the story quests for ‘Final Fantasy 14”s patch 7.0

"Currently, script-related work for several patches and work on the detailed plot are underway"

The start of a new adventure – Naoki Yoshida talks ‘Final Fantasy 14’ patch 6.1

Director and producer Naoki Yoshida discusses 'Final Fantasy 14''s new storyline, it's accompanied Alliance Raid, and making PvP enjoyable for all players