Final Fantasy 14

‘Final Fantasy 14’ patch 6.1 buffs Dark Knight, Samurai, and more

Patch 6.1 - titled 'Newfound Adventure' - is available now

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.1 release date and everything we know

All the info we have on FF14’s upcoming patch.

‘Final Fantasy 14’ gets patch 6.1 trailer ahead of release date

Footage for the upcoming Myths of the Realm Alliance raid was finally revealed

Asmongold says he will return to ‘Final Fantasy 14’ “eventually”

"I'll come back to the game whenever I come back to the game"

Naoki Yoshida provides clarity on ‘Final Fantasy 14’ data centre travel

Data centre travel is scheduled to be released during patch 6.18

‘Final Fantasy 14’ sets a date for the next Letter From The Producer

The 'Final Fantasy 14' livestream will dive into what's planned for Patch 6.1

Square Enix launches official music YouTube channel with 5,500 tracks

There are also curated mixes for chilling or getting hyped

‘Final Fantasy 14’ is currently broken on Steam for some players

Some players have found a way around the issue while Square Enix is reportedly working on a fix

‘Final Fantasy 14’ patch 6.1 detailed by Square Enix

The patch is set to launch in mid-April

‘Final Fantasy 14’ cancels return of housing demolition due to “current world situation”

"Considering the current world situation, we have decided to keep the counter suspended"