Final Fantasy 14

‘Final Fantasy 14’ fan plays Archer using a toy bow and arrow controller

"There was an unhealthy amount of time I spent searching the floor for used arrows"

‘Final Fantasy 14’ roadmap details new content from patch 6.1 to 6.5

The 'Final Fantasy 14' roadmap is packed with content spread over the next few patches

‘Final Fantasy 14’ director says there are no plans to add NFTs to the game

"I can clearly state at this time that we do not have any intentions to incorporate that into the game”

‘Final Fantasy 14’ will reopen free trials next week

The team also shared a future Steam update that will require players to link their Square Enix accounts

‘Final Fantasy 14’ is getting a new graphical update in patch 7.0

The graphical update is expected to release with patch 7.0

Here’s how to watch the ‘Final Fantasy 14’ live letter stream

The live letter will explore the next ten years of 'Final Fantasy 14'

‘Final Fantasy 14’ will get more Deep Dungeons

The rogue-like areas will return

‘Final Fantasy 14’ streamer hoping to flee Ukraine amid invasion threat

Jessica "Zepla" St. John is hoping to leave for the United States this week

‘Final Fantasy 14’ cracks down on real money trading with over 900 bans

Real money trading is prohibited under the MMO's terms of service.

Next ‘Final Fantasy 14’ live letter will look at the future of the MMO

The next Letter from the Producer Live will take place on February 19.