Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

‘Kingdom Hearts’ and ‘Skyrim’ are coming to PlayStation Plus

A number of 'Tom Clancy' titles are also being added to the service

Ubisoft’s CEO is taking a pay cut after company underperforms

The voluntary reduction has lessened his compensation by roughly a third for the next year

What does it mean when your live game dies?

Who knows how long your favourite live service game has left to live

Ubisoft is reportedly developing a new ‘Ghost Recon’ game

The project has reportedly been in development for over a year

Ubisoft plans to bring NFTs to more games

The company has future drops planned for Ubisoft Quartz

‘Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’ will not receive any further updates

The developer says “thank you for all the love and support”

Ubisoft employees reportedly push back against blockchain initiatives

“Are we competing with EA for the ‘most hated Game Studio by the public’ title? Because this is how you do it."

Ubisoft gives ‘Ghost Recon’ staff anniversary NFTs

Oh you didn't have to, as in I'd really rather you hadn't

Ubisoft says players will understand NFTs “in time”

"So, it's really, for them. It's really beneficial. But they don't get it for now"

Ubisoft doubles down on NFTs for some reason

Don't back down, double down