Halo Infinite

343 Industries developer explains struggles of making modern games

"The expectations and legal requirements for games has increased"

‘Halo Infinite’ August update will improve player customization

The next Drop Pod will focus on "improving the player experience

‘Halo Infinite”s open-world was scaled back before launch

343 wanted to manage the expectations of 'Halo Infinite''s open-world

‘P.T.’ has been recreated in the unreleased ‘Halo Infinite’ Forge Mode

"My ultimate goal is to make 'PT' so well in Forge one day, it prompts a cease and desist from Konami"

‘Call Of Duty’ and ‘Halo’ support studio making an original FPS

Certain Affinity is making a new FPS IP with Games As A Service qualities

‘Halo Infinite’ will require you to bring your own friends for online co-op

Unlike previous games campaign co-op will have no matchmaking option

‘Halo Infinite’ patch stops multiplayer matches using almost 1GB of data

The bug was reportedly using upwards of 900Mb of data each multiplayer match

343 Industries showcases footage of ‘Halo Infinite’ co-op

Over an hour of footage has been released

‘Halo Infinite”s campaign co-op beta to begin this week despite delay

343 is "still hoping" for the beta test to release this week