Old School Runescape

‘Old School RuneScape’ devs talk record-breaking League launch and embracing “Sq’irkin”

Over the weekend,, upwards of 200,000 concurrent players flocked to the newly-launched Trailblazer Reloaded League

Knocked Loose fans bring ‘RuneScape’ and Nintendo DS consoles to live shows

This occurred at the Atlanta and Orlando shows this month

‘Old School RuneScape’ accounts hijacked to transfer them to hackers

Jagex is contacting those who have been affected

‘Old School RuneScape’ quest Desert Treasure gets a sequel after 18 years

'The Fallen Empire' is the "most ambitious" quest to date

Major gaming companies poke fun at Twitter’s new name ‘X’

The new name is a divisive decision

‘Old School RuneScape’ kicks off voyage to adding long-awaited Sailing skill

Jagex and the 'RuneScape' community will spend several months iterating the upcoming skill before it's released

With Fresh Start Worlds, ‘RuneScape’ is reaching a new generation

Developers at Jagex take us through their shot at introducing 'RuneScape' to waves of new players

‘Old School Runescape’ is receiving a speedrun game mode

The beta will launch September 14

‘RuneScape’ community slams Fresh Start Worlds as a “cash grab”

Existing 'RuneScape' members will need to buy a separate membership to play the same members content in Fresh Start Worlds

‘Old School RuneScape’ developer discusses easy and hard mode servers

“Our core belief is that we want to innovate – we do want to keep creating these different experiences for 'Old School' – but we don’t want to rush them all out"