Payday 3

‘Payday’ studio announces co-op ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ game

The title is currently scheduled for 2026

‘Payday 3’ patch 1.0.1 rolls out a lot of “minor fixes” across all platforms

As well as what's next for the heist simulator

‘Payday 3’ player count is at a 10th of its launch numbers on Steam

Many more people are playing 'Payday 2' instead

‘Payday 3’ developer outlines future updates after fixing matchmaking issues

"I don’t really need to repeat that this was not the start we wanted," shared Starbreeze's CEO

‘Payday 3’ developer “looking at” an offline mode, following disastrous launch

The team is "working tirelessly" to resolve the issues

‘Payday 3’ developer apologises for “nightmare” server issues at launch

He admitted it was "impossible to prepare for every scenario"

‘Payday 3’ review: an entertaining crime caper, but it won’t steal any hearts

Starbreeze Studios' latest shooter is tense and thrilling, but limited content will leave some players feeling short-changed

‘Payday 3’ ditches Denuvo ahead of launch

Denuvo is thought to cause some technical issues in games

‘Payday 3’ shares year-long DLC roadmap as open beta kicks off

Starbreeze Entertainment wants fans to "destroy" its servers this weeekend