‘Rust’ February update will feature a framerate performance fix

The framerate fix will arrive alongside new arctic-themed content.

‘Rust’ reflects on 2021 and shares a “sneak peak” of what’s next

2022 will bring dangerously cute polar bears to 'Rust'

‘Rust’ is adding sharks, spearguns and submarines

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

‘Rust’ is getting sharks and spearguns, among other things

Underwater enemies and underwater weapons

‘Rust’ Twitch drops will be available starting today

Watch certain Twitch streamers play the game to earn in-game loot

Noisy ‘Rust’ DLC adds mobile phones, boom boxes and new dances

The latest DLC for 'Rust' will allow players to use mobile phones, boomboxes, cassette recorders and more audio-related tools.