Skull & Bones

‘Skull & Bones’ director talks “underlying story” and on land features

The developer wants "players to create their own stories and be able to choose the type of pirate they want to be"

‘Skull & Bones’ will release on the Epic Games Store this November

'Skull & Bones' will not be releasing on Steam right away

‘Skull & Bones’ gameplay presentation set to take place this week

Ubisoft will give players their first proper look at the long-delayed pirate game this Thursday

Ubisoft to use in-game events to bring awareness to climate change

Both 'Riders Republic' and 'Skull & Bones' will highlight real world climate issues

Ubisoft set to announce ‘Skull & Bones’ release date next month

Ubisoft's pirate game has been in development for quite some time, but looks likely to be approaching release

Ubisoft’s CEO is taking a pay cut after company underperforms

The voluntary reduction has lessened his compensation by roughly a third for the next year

Ubisoft chairman continues to express disinterest in being acquired

While no acquisitions are planned, the company will still continue to consider them

Ubisoft confirms ‘Skull and Bones’ and more will release before April 2023

Skull and Bones will be releasing alongside Mario + Rabbids and Avatar by March 31

‘Skull & Bones’ opens insider program for early playtests

The game has been delayed multiple times since its announcement in 2017