Sonic the Hedgehog

Sega may be about to announce ‘Sonic Frontiers’

Back once again with the quill behaviour

Steve Aoki is performing a virtual Sonic-themed concert this month

The concert will take place on Steve Aoki's birthday.

‘Monster Hunter Rise’ is adding Sonic and Tails next week

Sonic looks like one of those cuddly toys you microwave to warm it up

‘Sonic Frontiers’ title trademarked by Sega in Japanese and English

Faker? I think you're the fake trademark around here

UPDATE: Yuji Naka calls ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ selling for $430,000 a “scam”

"What’s this? Is it a scam? That’s a scam right?"

The Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony is now available to stream

Available now on Apple Music, with Spotify to follow in the next week

Sonic’s classic Green Hill Zone theme is now a song with lyrics

The song is from original composer Masato Nakamura and his band Dreams Come True