Star Citizen

Controversial MMO ‘Star Citizen’ shares new DLC pack costing £46,000

For more than the average UK worker’s salary, you can own a lot of spaceships

‘Squadron 42’ enters “polishing phase” but there’s no “locked” launch date

'Squadron 42' aims to "deliver an unprecedented cinematic adventure"

‘Star Citizen’ crowdfunding passes half a billion dollars

The game was originally announced in 2012 and has received over £88,000,000 in the past year

‘Star Citizen’ update lets players sell their items and run a refuelling business

'Star Citizen' update 3.17 also brings a new ship and the universe's first river

‘Star Citizen’ and ‘Squadron 42’ are still years from launch

Two years, ten years, it'll come out at some point, probably

‘Star Citizen’ reaches almost £300million in funding

Funds have come from just 3.3million backers

‘Star Citizen’ announces free-to-play period starting from today

Players will also be able to test-drive over 120 ships

‘Star Citizen’ developer plans huge new Manchester studio

Cloud Imperium Games is looking to expand

‘Star Citizen”s latest exploit has players healing each other to death

The exploit makes use of syringe needles that are usually used for healing

You can play ‘Star Citizen’ for free for the next week

The Free Fly Event is open to current, returning, and new players who register