Stardew Valley

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‘Stardew Valley’ Farmtronics mod gives players a programmable farm robot

The farming tool will do all the chores you're too lazy to do.

‘Stardew Valley’ creator ConcernedApe is working on a third game

As well as 'Haunted Chocolatier', Eric Barone has another game in the works

AGDQ speedrunner completes ‘Stardew Valley’ in 17 minutes by bombing his farm

"This run's gonna move pretty fast and it's gonna get started really quickly, so I hope you're ready"

‘Haunted Chocolatier’ will feature relationships with NPCs

"You just need to have faith that it will work, and I do"

‘Stardew Valley’ mod makes inventory management simpler

"One of the most tedious parts of any game is inventory management"

‘Stardew Valley’ 1.5.5 update adds more support for modders

Players get quality of life improvements too