The Sims 4

Turns out Keke Palmer is a huge ‘Sims 4’ fan and loves custom mods

"I am just obsessed with the custom content and custom mods"

‘The Sims 4’ makes “critical updates” to profanity filter following pro-Nazi uploads

“We are aware of wholly unacceptable content that has been uploaded to the gallery”

‘Sims 4’ bug is turning scared Sims into pyromaniacs

The latest update is also stopping some Sims become vampires and turning them into bullies

EA admits ‘The Sims’ Summit “did not fairly represent” players

“You are right in your frustrations, and we let you down”

‘The Sims 4’ is now free-to-play on all platforms

The game will be free-to-play permanently

‘The Sims 4’ will be permanently free-to-play from October

EA has also announced a stream to reveal "more about what's in the works" for 'The Sims'

‘The Sims 4’ reveals two DLC packs launching in September

Players can dress their younger Sims with new clothing, or opt for some desert-style decor

Mod tier: are game publishers destined to hate modders?

Are mods harmless fun or do they permit amateur coders to profit from somebody else's work?

‘The Sims 4’ patch removes the incest bug

The rapidly ageing Sims bug has also been addressed