Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ – everything you need to know about new operator Solis

Catch up on Solis' loadout, abilities, and counters

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ reveals new operator Grim – an attacker with robot bees

Year 7 Season 3 (Y7S3) will also make Stadium a permanent map for all playlists, and give several attackers a new gadget

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ to introduce reputation system and penalties

Preemptive reverse friendly fire is phase one

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ treats operators to a ‘Yakuza’ crossover

The 'Yakuza' bundle for 'Rainbow Six Siege' will introduce new skins for Echo and Hibana

Ubisoft removes Spetsnaz operator biographies from ‘Rainbow Six Siege’

Five characters in the game, all with ties to the Russian special forces, have had their biographies removed

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Y6S4.2 update will nerf Ela and Zofia

The patch removes speed reduction associated with Ela and Zofia's concussion effects.

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ replaces its director again

“This isn’t a decision I make lightly – I love this game and this community"

Artist claims ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ used their glitch effect without permission

The artist claims that Rainbow Six Siege's hacked drones and cameras use their artwork.

Some of Steam’s highest grossing games this year were free-to-play

Free-to-play games prove they are rarely free

Ubisoft encourages fans to show interest in ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Steam Deck support

"Hopefully, other players will reply here in favour of Proton support and the development team may then look to implement it"