‘The Medium’ guide: here’s how to get all collectibles and achievements

Don’t miss all the hidden items in Bloober Team’s new psychological horror game

The Medium is a psychological horror game set in an old, dilapidated Soviet resort. In the style of old Resident Evil and Silent Hill games, it makes use of fixed camera angles, , which means there’s a lot of shadowy nooks and crannies to rummage through, so you’ll need to be extra observant to spot everything. Throughout the game, there are a number of “memos”, or collectibles, to find. Many of these are attached to specific achievements.

Thankfully, a lot of The Medium is linear. If you take things slow, and make sure to explore places off the beaten track instead of barreling forward down the most obvious route, you should be able to pick up most of the collectibles without too much worry. Make sure to inspect as many items as you can, as there’s also an achievement called “Psychic Sleuth” that you’re awarded for investigating a certain amount of objects.

One of The Medium’s biggest draws is the fact the game is split into two universes: the real one and the spiritual realm – although the majority of collectibles are found in the regular world. You’re able to hear a faint whispering sound when you’re nearby “Echoes”, which will help you locate them.

Alongside “Echoes”, other collectibles include “Postcards”, “Memory Shards”, “Thomas’ Notes” and “Pages from Richard’s Diary”. Obtaining all of the following should unlock these achievements: Followed The Trail (all of Henry’s Echoes), All That’s Left Unsaid (all of the groundskeeper’s Postcards), Puzzling Out The Past (all Memory Shards), An Unknown Outcome (all of Thomas’ Notes), Devouring Darkness (all Pages from Richard’s Diary), and Calling Out To Me (all Echoes).

The Niwa Worker’s Resort Entrance

Inside the guardhouse right by the entrance gate where you start, there’s a Postcard in a suitcase under the table.

Outside Hotel Building

If you head down the left side of the concrete car park area, you’ll find a red car with a butterfly painted on the ground where you also obtain the screwdriver. Inside the car is a Postcard on the passenger seat.

Outside the main entrance to the build there’s a payphone that rings. You should be able to hear whispers as you go closer. Rotate the phone while using your senses until you locate the Echo on the back end of the receiver.

Hotel Lobby

The Medium
The Medium. Credit: Bloober Team

As soon as you drop down and enter the hotel, there’s a shoe on the ground with an Echo on the back of it.

Walk past the lobby concierge desk. On an ashtray stand just to the right of the locked door with a flickering light beyond, there’s a Postcard.

Hotel 3rd Floor

Off of the long corridor, once you unlock the room with the spirit key, go into the room with the hole but don’t jump down, you’ll find a phone in the room with an Echo.

Hotel 2nd Floor

After jumping down the hole, in the room you land in you’ll find a copy of William Blake poems. Reconstruct the memory by moving your mouse around. This is the first Memory Shard.

In the hotel room you drop down into, head to the left side and you’ll find a bathroom. In the sink there’s a Page from Richard’s Diary and a bottle of pills which contains an Echo.

After finding the razor and cutting your way into the next hotel room. There’s another bathroom, with an Echo you can find in the mirror.

Next to the plant pot with the flower, there’s another Memory Shard.

Hotel 3rd Floor

Outside Thomas’ office, you’ll find the first of Thomas’ (or Troubled Man’s) Notes in a plastic container.

Inside Thomas’ office, in the desk drawer, there’s another of Thomas’ Notes. Finally, in the office’s hidden room, on the floor in the middle of the pentagram looking symbol, there’s a third of Thomas’ Notes.

Hotel Ground Floor

Right before entering the Dayroom area, up the steps on the right behind a pillar there’s one of Thomas’ Notes.

Swimming Pool Area

The Medium
The Medium. Credit: Bloober Team

Follow the swimming pool around and you’ll find an Echo behind a bunch of hazard sign fences in the corner. Jump down into the pool, on the left side there’s another fence with an Echo attached to it.

After clambering through a hole at the back of the swimming pool, you’ll find an Echo tied to a piece of old bloodied clothing on the floor. There’s also a Postcard in a cardboard box located at the back corner, to the right side of the room.

A few rooms after the swimming pool, you’ll enter a long corridor that goes back down towards the diving boards. On the right side, just as you enter, there’s one of Thomas’ Notes on the floor.

After meeting Sadness in the mirror, and entering back into the swimming pool, head towards the camera before jumping down and you’ll find a kid’s toy with an Echo. Follow Sadness down into the pool, you’ll find a toy with an Echo. Climb back up to where you came, you’ll find a final Echo attached to a teddy bear.

In the next room, there’s a Tank with an Echo. In the room you enter after climbing through the hole, there’s an illustration in the top of the same locker you find the white cat figurine in.

Exam Room Area

In this room there’s an Echo attached to the telephone.

After climbing some stairs you’ll enter into a large room with a mirror at the end that takes you back to reality. There’s an Echo on another phone in the conference room area. In the actual conference room you’ll find an Echo attached to an ashtray.

After you head back into the Exam room and unlock the door, enter the next area and go left. You’ll find a Postcard among some boxes.

In Vivenne’s manager room, just past the monster, there’s an Echo in the ballet postcard.

After you re-enter the real world from a mirror near the bolt cutters, there’s an Echo attached to an old wheelchair in the next room along through the damaged wall. In the same room, below the nurse’s scalpel which you can inspect, is another of Thomas’ Notes.

Hotel Ground Floor

With the bolt cutters, you’ll want to head to the lobby area with the locked room and use them on the door. In this area there’s at least one Note from Thomas.

Dayroom Area

The Medium
The Medium. Credit: Bloober Team

After using the bolt cutters to enter the Dayroom, follow the long corridor. As you enter into a large room, immediately turn left and you’ll find an Echo and a Page from Richard’s Diary on some boxes. Further along the same side of the room, on a sofa, there’s another Page from Richard’s Diary. In the same room, on the opposite/right side, there’s an additional Page.

There’s also a Memory Shard attached to a blood bag in the middle of the room, behind the overgrown table.

In the room on the left, off from the main Dayroom, there’s a Page from Richard’s Diary right as you enter by the doorway. After completing the globe puzzle, you’ll be able to run out onto a balcony and enter a new room (with the piano). On the desk is a Memory Shard.

After obtaining the key and unlocking the door on the right side of the Dayroom, you’ll find an Echo attached to a pen case on the coffee table. There’s also a Page from Richard’s Diary and a Memory Shard on the other side of this same room.

The final Page from Richard’s Diary is downstairs, after burning through the moths. It’s on the far side of the room on the right, in a corner. Next to this, on the same side is a Memory Shard attached to a painting. This unlocks two more Memory Shards in the room, attached to the doll and a red ribbon.

Towards The Red House

After banishing the “Childeater” and heading towards “The Red House”, you’ll have the option of going left, right or straight on in an area just outside the Niwa Hotel. Go left, and pick up a Postcard that’s lying on a bench. In the same outside area there’s an Echo attached to a payphone.

Now head back and go straight on. After progressing a bit you’ll find another Postcard on a bench next to a telescope. After a little longer, you’ll come to a crossroad, follow the path left towards the “Landscape Trail”, and you’ll find one more Postcard off to the left side of the trail.

After meeting the dog, instead of following him, peel off to the right of the crossroads towards the river to pick up the Postcard near the campfire. After following the dog, you’ll reach an area with a tent. The last two Postcards are here. There’s one inside the tent, and another near the campfire.

Outside The Red House

The Medium
The Medium. Credit: Bloober Team

On the left side, near the tool shed, there’s an Echo attached to an empty cigarette packet. There’s another Echo nearby, attached to an old bicycle wheel.

Inside the tool shed, there’s an Echo attached to a wooden horse. In the room just ahead of this, there’s another Echo on a cassette player. Right next to this, there’s an Echo on a suitcase. Below the suitcase, you’ll also find one of Thomas’ Notes tucked into a drawer.

Right outside The Red House, there’s a Memory Shard around the corner to the left. The very last Memory Shard is right at the front door of the house, on the left.

Inside The Red House

Inside the ruined house, on the right is one of Thomas’ Notes among some rubble.

In the basement, head to the left side of the screen as soon as you come down the stairs. There are two Thomas’ Notes. There’s an Echo attached to a child’s shoe sat on a stool in the middle of the basement. The final two Echoes are on the other side of the room attached to a teddy bear and a syringe. There’s also one of Thomas’ Notes tucked away in the same corner.

The Bunker

After entering the bunker below The Red House and being chased by the monster, you’ll find one of Thomas’ Notes in the room on a box next to the power switch.

There’s another Note in the control room. After pumping out the water and getting past the monster, you’ll find a Note from Thomas in the bunker living quarters on the left.

Further into the bunker, another of Thomas’ Notes is found on the desk in Lily’s room.

When you get the generator and power everything back online, you’ll unlock the kitchen, where you’ll find one more of Thomas’ Notes.

Further along there are three more Notes in Thomas’ room: one on the shelf, one is the business card on the desk, and the last on a table at the back of the room where the map with strings sits.


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