‘Dying Light 2: Stay Human’ video reveals more about the open-world

We bet you're dying to visit

A new developer diary for Dying Light 2: Stay Human has revealed more about the city the players will visit.

In a new video posted to the Techland YouTube channel, Dying Light 2: Stay Human world director Thomas Gerbaud talked about the city and its inhabitants.


“The City, where people have started to build some new normality, which is constrained by fighting infected, the Renegades stalemate, but he (the player) is going to disrupt this normality by his choices and by his actions basically,” they said.

“On our world, the fall of civilisation happened 15 years ago, so people have gotten the time to get sort of used to it, that’s what people do, they get used to everything, so they are no longer surviving, they are trying to live.”

He goes on to explain that various locations in the world have been reclaimed by a society trying to move forward and preserve themselves and that while some locations may seem hostile, they’re actually essentially make-shift cities, such as “The Missy”.

“It’s a ship that was grounded during the fall of civilization in the war for essential loot. The Peacekeepers have turned it into their main military base. So if you look at it from outside, it really looks like a military base, but inside it’s actually teeming with life”.

In our preview we called Dying Light 2: Stay Human “another fast, furious and frantic slice of zombies and parkour”.

Dying Light 2 is releasing on February 4 2022 for PCPS4PS5Xbox OneXbox Series X|S and coming to the Nintendo Switch via the Cloud.


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