Alison Brie says she loves streaking: “I had a penchant for it in college”

"I find it to be quite hilarious. I'm a very comfortable naked person"

Alison Brie has opened up about her fondness for streaking.

In her new romantic comedy Somebody I Used To Know – which she co-wrote with husband Dave Franco – Brie has a scene in which she runs naked on a golf course.

In a new interview with People, she explained how the scene was inspired by her real-life love for streaking.


“I certainly had a penchant for it in my college years,” said the actor, recalling her time at the California Institute of the Arts.

“At CalArts I was a big streaker. And even in my adult life, I find it to be quite hilarious. I’m a very comfortable naked person,” she continued. “I love streaking. It’s so fun. It really makes me laugh. I always think it makes other people laugh. It’s just one of my favourite things.”

Asked how her husband feels about it, she said: “I’ve spent years talking Dave into accepting my comfort with nudity. He’s comfortable with me being nude at our home, but in public, he’s more averse to it.”

Revealing the last time she indulged, she added: “There might have been some streaking in the GLOW years,” referring to her 2017-19 Netflix series about a female wrestling league.

In Somebody I Used To Know, Brie plays Allie, a reality TV show producer who returns to hometown in Washington where she runs into her ex-boyfriend Sean (Jay Ellis). As she begins to develop feelings for him again, she learns that he’s engaged to free-spirited Cassidy (Kiersey Clemons), who reminds Allie of her younger self.


“We have fun playing with rom-com tropes and try to take them someplace unexpected,” Brie said of the plot.

She went to explain their inspiration for the film and characters saying: “A big part of the foundation of this story was drawing from aspects of our real lives in oblique ways: our personalities, our sense of humour. And also in specific ways, like the fact that I did to streak when I was younger and I’m always trying to tap back into that spirit that I had in college, that freedom.”

Brie shared that she and Franco are already working on their next project together, and although she didn’t reveal any plot details, she did confirm that it won’t be another rom-com.

Elsewhere, the actor is set to reprise her role as Annie Edison in an upcoming Community movie.

Somebody I Used To Know arrives on Amazon Prime Video on February 10

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