Andy Serkis says he’s keen to make a third ‘Venom’ film

"I'm sure there will be"

Andy Serkis has said he would be keen to make a third Venom film.

The actor and filmmaker, who directed the sequel film Venom: Let There Be Carnage, recently told Metro he’s open to staying in the film’s universe.

“I mean, yeah, of course,” Serkis said when asked whether he would return for a sequel. “It’s such a wonderful world to play in. And I’m sure there will be, I’m sure there will be.


“Well, hopefully…. I don’t want to count our chickens. But yeah, of course. It was such a fun world to play in.”

Describing the film’s tone, focusing on a balance between comedy and drama, he went on: “The whole thing about this movie was getting the tonal balance right, so that it never became self referential and in-jokey.

“Sometimes it can become a bit… where you actually stop caring about the characters because you know that the actors are enjoying themselves too much.”

In a two-star review of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, NME wrote: “The film’s biggest problem, however, is an underwhelming climax that degenerates into a dull muddle of visual effects.

“By this point, you’ll be longing for the simpler pleasures of the middle act, when Venom makes a greater impression by flinging Brock’s TV out of the window. Perhaps Venom: Let There Be Carnage is really a zingy odd-couple comedy stuck in a so-so superhero flick.”


The film was released in UK cinemas in October.

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