Arnold Schwarzenegger signs Auschwitz guestbook with ‘Terminator’ catchphrase

The Auschwitz Memorial has since clarified the actor's message

Arnold Schwarzenegger has confused his fans after signing a guest book at the Auschwitz camp with a catchphrase from The Terminator.

The actor and former governor of California paid a visit to the site in Poland after being honoured by the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation in June.

According to Metro, Schwarzenegger took a trip to the memorial site and signed a guestbook at the former concentration camp with his famous saying: “I’ll be back.”


The phrase is taken from the 1984 blockbuster The Terminator, and the Memorial has since added clarification on Twitter about Schwarzenegger’s message.

“This visit was planned to be relatively short. The inscription was meant to be a promise to return for another and more in-depth visit,” they wrote.

Several fans shared their confusion about the message, with one person writing: “I’m glad he visited and wrote in the book but I had to think twice about the message.

“I’m sure he meant it in the nicest possible way and having been there I know its hard to find the right words but I’m not sure these were the best.”

Twitter user Andy Donaldson shared the sentiment, writing: “Not sure quoting a genocidal robot is appropriate in the circumstances.”


However, another person defended the actor’s sentiment about returning to the site. They wrote: “I hope to return one day too. There’s not enough time there. Ever. His play on words is not shallow. He meant it. And he’s right to say it.”

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