Ashes of late Hong Kong actor Ng Man Tat to be brought back to his longtime home of Malaysia

Ng's longtime collaborator Stephen Chow made a brief appearance at his wake on the weekend

The ashes of late actor Ng Man Tat will be sent back to Malaysia, Ng’s longtime home, after a cremation ceremony in Hong Kong on Monday (March 8).

In a China Times interview, per Malay Mail, Ng’s younger brother Li Da said the actor wanted Malaysia to be his final resting place “so that he can accompany his wife and children”.

The Shaolin Soccer actor had lived in Johor Bahru, Malaysia for 25 years after marrying Malaysian Hou Shan Yan, whom he met on set in Singapore for the film All’s Well Ends Well, Too in 1993, according to The Straits Times. AsiaOne reports that Ng had expressed a desire to return to Hong Kong prior to his passing.

Ng, who was battling liver cancer, was admitted to a hospital in Hong Kong on February 20, where he underwent surgery. A day later, actor Tenky Tin told Mingpao, per AsiaOne, that “the worst is over” and that Ng was doing fine. The actor died on February 27 at the age of 70.

Hong Kong actor and Ng’s frequent collaborator Stephen Chow attended his wake on March 7. The Straits Times reported that he was there for about nine minutes and didn’t speak to the media.

The duo had worked on multiple films together, including Sixty Million Man, King of Comedy and Shaolin Soccer. In 2004, they reportedly had a falling out when Chow took the lead role in Kung Fu Hustle. Ng denied the rumors in 2019, but noted that they had just drifted apart.

Chow also asked Ng to be part of his 2016 comedy-fantasy film The Mermaid, but the latter declined due to his poor health.

“His illness came so quickly, and he was gone too early. He was my best friend for years. I still can’t accept this,” Chow said, per Yahoo! Style.

Singaporean actress Apple Hong, who starred with the Hong Kong actor in the 2004 drama series Money No Problem, dedicated an Instagram post to the veteran, detailing her last encounter with him.

“I almost can’t recognise you when you came over to say hi to me that day as you looked thinner,” wrote Hong, as reported by The Straits Times. “I said that you have become more handsome and hoped we could work together again.”

Ng’s last film was the martial arts comedy The Legend Of Shaolin Temple, which premiered in China on February 12, 2021.