Batman’s sidekick Robin comes out as bisexual in new comic

One fan called the storyline "so inspiring"

Batman’s sidekick Robin has come out as bisexual in a new comic.

According to TMZ, Robin – whose real name is Tim Drake – shared the news in the latest issue of Batman: Urban Legendswith the sixth instalment having been released yesterday (August 9).

The plotline sees Robin/Tim fight alongside a character called Bernard Dowd, eventually convincing himself to ask him out on a date.


After rescuing Bernard as Robin, Tim finds himself at Bernard’s home and tells himself: “It’s OK, Tim. You got this.”

Robin and Batman in the 1940s (CREDIT: Alamy)

Tim/Robin then tells Bernard as he opens the door: “I’m really glad you got home okay. I was relieved. And I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, about that night. And I – I don’t know what it meant to me. Not yet. But I’d like to figure it out.”

“I was hoping you would,” Bernard responds. “Tim Drake … do you want to go on a date with me?” to which Robin says yes.

One fan on social media praised the comic’s storyline, writing: “Tim Drake finally coming out is so inspiring, DC never wanted a queer Robin but after years and years of campaigning from writers and fans it finally happened.

“A big thank you to Meghan Fitzmartin, Belén Ortega and Alejandro Sánchez for making this moment so beautiful.”


In other Batman news, Cillian Murphy recently reflected on auditioning to play Batman back in 2003.

The Peaky Blinders star revealed he was initially a finalist to play Batman/Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, before the role went to Christian Bale.

“I don’t believe I was close to landing that role,” Murphy said. “The only actor who was right for that part at that time, in my estimation, was Christian Bale, and he absolutely smashed it.

“So, for me, it was just an experience, and then it turned into something else. It turned into that character, Scarecrow, and it turned into a working relationship with Chris. So I think back very, very fondly on that time, but I never, ever, ever considered myself Bruce Wayne material.”

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