Chris Evans slams Donald Trump as “come-to-life toilet” after controversial US election speech

A scathing attack from Captain America himself

Avengers star Chris Evans has offered a scathing response to Donald Trump after the US President doubled down on baseless claims of electoral fraud.

Television networks including CBS, ABC and NBC opted to cut away from Trump’s White House address on Thursday evening (November 5) after he launched a bizarre tirade which saw him claiming that this week’s election had been rigged – despite offering no evidence to back up his claims.

On social media, Evans was among the leading faces to hit back at the baseless claims being presented by the beleaguered president – who is trailing Joe Biden in the race for the White House.


“Wow. Hey Republicans, are you listening to this come-to-life toilet spew complete lies about the integrity of our democratic process?,” wrote Evans.

He was backed up by his Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo, who directly hit out at Trump’s claims that Republican poll watchers have not received access to the vote in Philadelphia.

“Just heard from a friend who is an observer in PA. I asked him if what Trump was saying was true,” wrote Ruffalo.

“No Republican observers. His response. ‘Trump is lying, full stop. To quote the Republican Party woman observing the count, directly, ‘There’s no funny business going on here’.”


At the time of writing, Joe Biden is six points away from gaining victory in the election.

Donald Trump has previously confirmed that he will go to the Supreme Court to attempt to block votes from being counted.