Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun on ‘Love And Leashes’: “It’s fresh and shocking”

“It was a role that made me want to take up the challenge as an actor”

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun shared her thoughts on the upcoming Netflix Korea original movie Love And Leashes, which she stars in.

During a recent press conference for the upcoming film, Seohyun shared that she was motivated to take on the role in Love And Leashed after reading the script, describing it as something “fresh and shocking”.

“It was a role that made me want to take up the challenge as an actor,” Seohyun said, per The Korea Herald. “Not only did it [the script] have a unique topic, it also showed how a man and a woman come to understand their differences.”


Seohyun, who plays office worker Jung Ji-woo in Love And Leashes, also briefly talked about the character and how she approached the role. “She is a normal, everyday character,” the singer-actress said of her first lead role in a movie, per Korea JoongAng Daily. “I wanted to portray her as honestly as I could.”

When asked about her reaction should she encounter a similar situation as her character in the film, Seohyun had this to say: “I think it should be respected as long as it is not a crime. If the person does not want to talk about it, I would not force the conversation either. But I would tell my secret and try to show that it is okay to be different.”

Love And Leashes is a Netflix original film that revolves around a pair of co-workers, Ji-woo and Ji-hoo (played by singer-actor Lee Jun-young, formerly of U-KISS and UNB), the former of whom accidentally receives a dog leash in a delivery mix-up and discovers her subordinate’s fetish. The pair later enter a contractual S&M relationship after Ji-hoo asks her to become his master.

The film is based on the Naver webcomic Moral Sense by Gyeowool. The movie will be directed and written by Park Hyeon-jin, and is due out on February 11 exclusively on the streaming platform.