GOT7’s Jinyoung to lead upcoming revenge-thriller film ‘Christmas Carol’

The movie will begin filming early next year

GOT7 member and actor Jinyoung is set to make his return to the silver screen next year.

On October 8, South Korean news outlet Star Today reported that the idol-actor had been casted in the dual lead roles for the upcoming revenge-thriller film, titled Christmas Carol.

Based on the bestselling Korean novel of the same name, the film tells the story of a young man who infiltrates a juvenile detention facility and embarks on a journey to revenge after his twin brother is killed. Jinyoung will be playing the pair of twins, Joo Il-woo and Joo Wol-woo.


Christmas Carol is helmed by director Kim Sung-soo, who had previously directed OCN’s religious thriller drama Save Me. According to the report, filming for the movie will begin early next year.

“I’m feeling a mix of anticipation and pressure ahead of filming,” said Jinyoung, as translated by Soompi. “As this is an adaptation of an original work, I will work my hardest to do a good job portraying the original characters.”

In other K-drama news, Netflix’s upcoming action-thriller series My Name, starring Han So-hee premieres next week. During an October 5 press conference, the actress discussed the challenges she faced while portraying her character Jiwoo, a woman who infiltrates a police department in order to seek revenge for her father.

“When I had the first meeting with the martial arts director, we looked at different styles of martial arts and something that he pointed out was the movie Atomic Blonde, [which had] a long-take action [scene], and a female lead winning [against] her male opponents,” said Han.

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