‘Host’ filmmakers reveal new horror project in the works

Described as "The Conjuring behind bars"

The filmmakers behind Host have lined up their next project with a new film in the works.

Rob Savage, who wrote and directed the lockdown horror film, will direct the next project, with Jed Shepherd who wrote and produced Host set to produce with Studiocanal.

Pitched as “The Conjuring behind bars”, the new film still untitled will offer a combination of genres.


Explaining the concept of the new film to Deadline, Savage said, “[It’s a ] melding of the prison escape movie and the haunted house movie, in which a group of women who stage an unsuccessful breakout attempt discover a secret room that unleashes a dark presence that marauds the halls at night.

“The film will have a claustrophobic quality akin to The Descent. None of the characters are conventional good guys. So, there are opportunities for interesting casting choices with actors playing against type.”

Commenting on the success of Host, Savage acknowledged how the new film could follow many of the same principles – low-budget, found footage – without being a direct sequel.

“We want to keep up the momentum from Host,” the filmmaker said. “It’s not a conventional sequel to Host, more of a follow-up film. If Host was about the horror of lockdown, this is about the fear or going back outside, of the world reopening.

“It won’t have a conventional development process so we’re putting the gas on it now and we’re in talks with various industry partners about it.”