Iko Uwais responds to accusations he assaulted neighbour with self-defence claim

'The Raid' star has also lodged a police report against the neighbour claiming defamation

Indonesian actor Iko Uwais has responded to accusations he assaulted his neighbour over an interior design project, and filed a police report against the man claiming defamation.

The accuser, a man named Rudi, had claimed that the action star had assaulted him after he pressed the actor for unpaid fees for his interior design services, per Coconuts Jakarta.

As outlined by Jakarta Metro Police spokesman Endra Zulpan in a press conference yesterday (June 13), Rudi – then only identified as R – alleged that he and Uwais got into an argument, and that the actor and his brother punched him until he bled and sustained bruises in his face, right arm and back.


In a press conference also held yesterday in South Jakarta, Iko’s lawyer Leonardus Sagala claimed that the actor was defending himself, and that his “intention was not to assault to injure”, as Coconuts Jakarta reports.

Iko claimed that Rudi, who worked on the actor’s new house in Cibubur, received 50 percent of the payment upfront as agreed, but the result of the project did not match the original plans for the space, per the South China Morning Post. When Iko tried to get in touch with Rudi to “revise his work”, the interior designer failed to “fulfill his obligations”.

The two met by chance last Saturday (June 11) outside the actor’s residence in Bekasi along with their wives and Iko’s brother, Firmansyah.

Iko’s lawyer Sagala claimed that it was Rudi and his wife who incited the argument, which led to the altercation, and that Iko was only defending himself and his brother from the interior designer.

“If the intention was to assault or gang up [on Rudi], they would’ve pummelled him when he was down. But no, they let him be,” the lawyer said. Iko, who was also bruised after the altercation, his lawyer claimed, has lodged a police report against Rudi claiming defamation.

Iko Uwais, known for starring in The Raid, which is getting a remake produced by Michael Bay, recently appeared in the Netflix film Fistful of Vengeance, the follow-up to the TV series Wu Assassins.

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