Kim Tae-ri discusses her role in upcoming sci-fi fantasy film ‘Alienoid’

“While she’s emotional, she’s a very sensible and smart girl who knows how to control herself,” said the actress of her character

South Korean actress Kim Tae-ri has opened up about her role in her upcoming film, Alienoid.

In an interview with Cine21, the Twenty Five Twenty One actress discussed her upcoming role as Lee Ahn in her new film, Alienoid. The two-part film details the events that occur after a time portal opens up between the Goryeo Dynasty and present-day Korea amidst a wild chase to capture an escaped alien prisoner.

Lee Ahn is a Goryeo-era woman with the ability to shoot lightning, and embarks on a quest to find a mystical knife in the film. “She’s kind, honest, and independent. And while she’s emotional, she’s a very sensible and smart girl who knows how to control herself,” said Kim of her role, per Soompi.


Kim tae-ri alienoid cj enm
Kim Tae-ri in ‘Alienoid’. Credits: CJ ENM

“She takes action without thinking of ‘sacrifice’ as an actual sacrifice. She’s a really admirable person who has to do what she thinks is right,” continued the actress. “Depending on the situation she might be perceived differently. […] However, overall one could see her actions as just and righteous.”

Kim went on to share that had approached her role in the film with more flexibility. “If I asked the director something like, ‘I thought of this last night, how about we change it this way?’ then he would say, ‘Wait, let me think about it,’ and then give me his opinion after mulling it over,” she revealed.

The actress continued: “Scenes were created anew through that process. I don’t think there’s been any production where I’ve been able to express my opinions and communicate with the director quite as much as this”

The first part of Alienoid is set to hit South Korean cinemas on July 20. The film is written and directed by Choi Dong-hoon, who is known for the films Assassination (2015) and The Thieves (2012), among others.