Larry David reflects on his life and career in new HBO documentary trailer

The two-part documentary will be released next month

Larry David will discuss his life and career in an upcoming documentary for HBO – check out the trailer below.

Set to be released on March 1, The Larry David Story is a two-part documentary where he’ll discuss his childhood and career breakthroughs with director Larry Charles.

“I never thought of myself as being funny,” David says in the trailer. “Anything I was associated with that could be successful was a shock.”


The writer, producer, actor and comedian is known as the co-creator of Seinfeld along with Jerry Seinfeld. He’s also the creator and star of Curb Your Enthusiasm, where he plays a semi-fictionalised version of himself.

“I’m a total fraud,” David added. “The Curb outlet, for me, is this guy who I want to be. He’s completely honest, just the opposite of who I am.”

The two episodes, titled ‘The American Jewboy’ and ‘The Jewish Fountainhead’, will be aired back-to-back on HBO at 10pm in the US, and will be available to stream on HBO Max.

David won two Primetime Emmy Awards in 1993 for his work on Seinfeld, for Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing a Comedy Series. After nine seasons, the sitcom came to an end in May 1998.


Curb Your Enthusiasm, which began in 2000 on HBO, has been nominated for 47 Primetime Emmy Awards and aired its 11th season last year.

David recently made an appearance in a cryptocurrency advert at the Super Bowl, where he was seen playing historical versions of himself.

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