Linda Blair hasn’t been asked to return for the new ‘Exorcist’ trilogy

"I appreciate the loyalty and passion the fans have for The Exorcist and my character"

Linda Blair has revealed she was not asked to be involved in the sequel trilogy The Exorcist.

The actress, who famously played Regan MacNeil in the iconic 1973 horror film, took to social media to clarify her stance after Blumhouse confirmed they were working on a new series of films.

“To all my fans asking about my involvement in the new Exorcist reboot, as of now there has not been any discussions about me participating or reprising my role,” Blair wrote on Twitter.


“I wish all those involved the best and I appreciate the loyalty and passion the fans have for The Exorcist and my character.”

Ellen Burstyn, however, confirmed she would be reprising her role of Chris MacNeil in the forthcoming films. She will be starring alongside Leslie Odom Jr as a father who seeks her help when his daughter is possessed.

Producer Jason Blum recently explained that the trilogy will continue the story of the original, rather than existing as a sequel or reboot.

“[It’s] going to be like David [Gordon Green’s Halloween sequel,” Blum said. “I think it’s going to pleasantly surprise all the sceptics out there. We had a lot of skeptics about Halloween and David turned them around, and I think he’s going to turn it around with The Exorcist.”

Reflecting on fans’ expectations for a new entry in the iconic horror franchise, the producer said: “I love to do [these] kinds of movies because people are very emotional about it. I think it’s a high bar and it’s a challenge to do the movie.


“Remember, most of the audience coming to this – 95 per cent of the audience who will, if we do our job right, come to see this movie –will not have seen the first Exorcist or even heard of it.”