Margot Robbie says Stevie Nicks “would be fun” to play in a biopic

Another major music movie could be on the cards...

Actor Margot Robbie has revealed to NME which musician she’d most like to play on-screen. Watch the exclusive interview in full above.

Famous for roles in films like The Wolf Of Wall Street and I, Tonya, as well as the psychotic anti-hero Harley Quinn in DC’s superhero films, Robbie was speaking to NME in promotion of filmmaker Damien Chazelle’s Old Hollywood epic Babylon when asked about a potential music biopic.

Stevie Nicks would be fun,” she said. “I think everyone has been trying to do a Janis Joplin [movie] for a long time too.”


Neither Nicks nor Fleetwood Mac have yet been immortalised in their own biopics, though it was rumoured in 2011 that Lindsay Lohan had signed up to play the singer. Nicks later denied the rumours.

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie in new film ‘Babylon’. CREDIT: Paramount

In the same interview, Robbie’s co-star Diego Calva pitched another rock flick: “Can you imagine a biopic of Frank Zappa? I don’t know if I’m the guy but that would be a cool movie. I’d have to grow the ‘tache.”

Calva plays Manny Torres in Babylon, an ambitious young Mexican who works his way up from the bottom rung of the film business in late 1920s Hollywood. During the movie, which depicts the excess of the era in several large-scale party scenes, Calva had to act opposite a number of animals, including chickens, horses and, on one occasion, an elephant.

“The chicken was the biggest diva,” he said. “It was in the zone and super chill, but then Damien [Chazelle, Babylon director] was yelling: ‘Diego, next time, make that chicken angry!’ and I was like, ‘How? Should I start cursing at the chicken?!’ It was hard.”

Robbie, who plays aspiring actress and friend of Manny’s Nellie LaRoy, added: “A chicken tried to steal my shot at one time too. I was doing a scene with Samara [Weaving, who plays a competing actress in Babylon] and this chicken just kept jumping onto my spot on the couch. Someone shouted: ‘Bring in the chicken wrangler!’ and I said, ‘We don’t have time for that’, so I picked up the chicken and was like: ‘Move! This is my closeup. Get outta here!'”


‘Babylon’ is in cinemas now

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