‘Kong: Skull Island’ director to helm Netflix live-action ‘Gundam’ film

Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who is also helming the 'Metal Gear Solid' adaptation for Sony

Netflix has announced a live-action feature film adaptation of iconic anime series Gundam.

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who is known for directing 2017’s Kong: Skull Island, has been tapped to direct and produce the live-action adaptation of Gundam for Legendary Entertainment.


Brian K. Vaughan, the comic book writer behind Y: The Last Man and Saga, among others, has also been attached to the project to serve as writer and executive producer, Deadline reports.

“A tweet cannot begin to express how excited I am by this!” Vogt-Roberts said of the news on Twitter.

In July 2018, Legendary had announced at that year’s Anime Expo that they would be working with Sunrise, the original creators of the Gundam anime, on a live-action film adaptation of the beloved mecha series.

The original Gundam series was created in 1979 and has since spun off into a wildly popular multimedia universe of anime, manga, animated films, video games, toys and more. It was originally set in the Universal Century, a time where humanity’s growing population has led people to emigrate to space colonies.

People living in those colonies eventually launch a war for independence against the Earthbound population, with battles fought by characters piloting robots known as mobile suits.


Legendary said in 2018 that the story for the live-action adaptation “is being kept under wraps”. No new details have been revealed.

Vogt-Roberts is also currently attached to Sony’s film adaptation of video game series Metal Gear Solid. He will direct Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac, who was cast in the lead role as Solid Snake in December.