Robert Zemeckis’ ‘The Witches’ confirms straight-to-streaming release

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Robert Zemeckis’ remake of Roald Dahl’s The Witches will be coming straight to streaming next month.

The film, adapting Dahl’s beloved 1973 children’s story of the same name, stars Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Kristen Chenoweth and Stanley Tucci.

The Witches was due to be released in cinemas this month, but was pushed back due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Warner Bros have confirmed the film will now go straight to HBO Max in the US on October 22.


Watch the trailer for Zemeckis’ The Witches here:

Zemeckis directed the film, and wrote the screenplay alongside Kenya Barris and Guillermo Del Toro.

The story follows a young boy who discovers a secret coven of watches and sets out to stop their plan to turn all children into mice.

Anne Hathaway plays the Grand High Witch, Stanley Tucci has been cast as the hotel manager hosting the witches’ convention, Jahzir Bruno plays the young boy, and Octavia Spencer will portray his grandmother.

The story of The Witches was first put to screen in 1990, with Anjelica Huston playing the Grand High Witch. Dahl reportedly disliked the version for changing the book’s ending, with Zemeckis’ film promising to be more faithful.


In terms of other Roald Dahl adaptations, Taika Waititi is working on two different Charlie and the Chocolate Factory series for Netflix, one focusing on the original story, and one focusing on the oompa-loompas specifically.