Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Borat’ sequel gets a hilarious title

And you thought the title to the first film was long...

The title of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat sequel has been revealed – and it’s a bit of a mouthful.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the comedian had finished filming Borat 2, after he was spotted in character as the hapless Kazakh journalist.

According to Collider, Cohen had also screened the upcoming sequel for a select few industry figures ahead of a potential release later this year.


The title of the new film has now been revealed, after it was filed with the Writers Guild of America – the link to the filing has since become “temporarily unavailable.”

According to The Film Stage, the sequel will be titled: Borat: Gift Of Pornographic Monkey To Vice Premiere Mikhael Pence To Make Benefit Recently Diminished Nation Of Kazakhstan.

Cohen is credited with writing the screenplay alongside collaborators Anthony Hines, Dan Swimer, Peter Baynham, Erica Rivinoja, Dan Mazer, Jena Friedman, and Lee Kern.

2006’s Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan saw Borat travelling to the USA for the first time to make a documentary on the country. It’s said that the sequel will be a spin on that original idea.

Meanwhile, Sacha Baron Cohen reportedly crashed a far-right event in Washington in June disguised as a bluegrass singer.


It’s alleged that the comic actor, who is known for pulling elaborate pranks, infiltrated a rally on June 27 organised by far-right group the Three Percenters, billed as ‘March for Our Rights 3’, and took to the stage dressed as a country singer.

In footage that has surfaced from the event, the man claimed to be Cohen can be seen encouraging festival-goers to sing about injecting scientists, journalists and political figures with the “Wuhan flu.”

Last year, Cohen attacked social media and internet giants including Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube, saying they together form “the greatest propaganda machine in history.”