South Korean actress Kang Soo-yeon hospitalised after cardiac arrest

She has yet to regain consciousness

Kang Soo-yeon has been hospitalised following a sudden cardiac arrest, and remains unconscious.

On May 5, South Korean media reported that the South Korean actress was discovered in a state of cardiac arrest that evening in her Seoul home, according to representatives of the Seoul fire and police departments. After receiving CPR onsite, Kang was then taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, but has yet to regain consciousness.

It was also reported that Kang had called emergency services earlier that same day due to a headache, per Star News, and investigations found that she had told family members of “unspecified pains”, according to Yonhap News Agency. Investigations into the incident have reportedly indicated no signs of foul play, per Yonhap.


Kang is one of South Korea’s most critically-acclaimed actors, best known for being the first Korean actor to take home the Best Actress award at the Venice International Film Festival in 1987 for her role in The Surrogate Womb, released that same year.

She most recently wrapped up filming for the upcoming Netflix sci-fi film, JUNG_E, which is set to be her first commercial film appearance in roughly a decade. Directed by Train To Busan and Hellbound creator Yeon Sang-ho, the movie is scheduled to premiere sometime later this year.

In other news, Running Man star Jee Seok-jin revealed in a recent interview that he struggled to adjust to his role on the reality series. “[An outdoor variety show] really wasn’t a good fit. I had a really hard time at the beginning because of that,” he shared, before revealing that he attempted to quit the show three separate times.