Squid Game star Oh Yeong-su goes on trial for sexual misconduct

It is alleged that he touched a woman inappropriately in 2017

Squid Game actor Oh Yeong-su’s sexual misconduct trial is scheduled to start on Friday (3 February).

The actor, who is known for playing Oh Il-nam in Netflix‘s global 2021 hit, was charged last year in Suwon, near Seoul in South Korea. It is alleged that he touched a woman inappropriately in 2017.

The unnamed woman reportedly made a complaint against Yeong-su in December 2021. However, the case was closed by authorities in April 2022. The matter was reopened at the victim’s request, according to a report from the Yonhap news agency (as per The Independent).


Yeong-su starred in ‘Squid Game’. CREDIT: Alamy

Oh has previously denied the claim. In a statement shared with Korean broadcaster JTBC, the actor said: “I just held her hand to guide the way around the lake. I apologised because [the person] said she wouldn’t make a fuss about it but it doesn’t mean that I admit the charges.”

Last year the AFP news agency reported a Suwon court official as saying that “everything reported by local media is not factually correct”. In South Korea, court and police documents concerning sexual crimes are unavailable by law.

Yeong-su has reportedly pleaded not guilty to the assault charges.

Yeong-su won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Squid Game, and earned a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor.

Prior to Squid Game, he was best known for starring in theatre productions. He later began appearing in a number of Korean films and television shows, including God Of War and 2003’s A Little Monk.


second season of Squid Game is in early development at Netflix, which is expected to be released in 2024.

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